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Joel on Software this is a very good, very well-written blog about software development with a concentration on managing the development process. Joel has some great essays on Painless Functional Specifications: A series of articles on writing functional specifications. If you’re involved in software development and don’t write specs, he’ll probably convince you that you should — in the end, you’re hurting yourself and wasting time if you don’t (but still a lot of us don’t write it!).

The Joel Test gives you a pretty good indication where your software team, and company, is. The Archive section gives you a bigger picture of what he’s written about.

Read the blog and improve your software development! I know I’m going to be reading it and I recommend it to any software developer/engineer and project manager.

Joel started a company, Fog Creek, recently, that looks very enticing — I would definitely would want to work for his company. Check out the about page and see for yourself. I wish more CEOs were looking out for programmers as much as he is. We would develop better software (that’s a proved fact)!

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