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Are you looking to test me? Or maybe you just want to see how I stuck up against other IT guys? OK. OK. What I’m trying to say, is that it is always good to get a second opinion. So, I’m going to give you that second opinion (or more than one).

Here are a couple of links to pretty good Software Bookshelves from established software gurus. These lists “guide” me to what my next reading should be. I always like books recommended by others. It gives me a bigger determination to read it.

The best

Joel on Software: Book Reviews

Steve McConnell (my favorite author): Recommended Reading List

windchill23 (20+ Years Programming): MasterSoftwareDeveloper

Worth a look

Otaku Cedric (accomplished developer): books read

Arno Hutter (don’t know much about him): Software Bookshelf

Tom Van Vleck: Software Engineering Reading List

I really like McConnell’s lists as well as Joel’s list. Almost all of the books listed there are on my must-read books. Those are classics, basically. Tom Van Vleck’s list is good also. I like first couple, five I think, books from the Software Bookshelf.

There you go, now you can have few other sources. Plus, you might get a glimpse of things to see in my future reading.

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