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The Rational Edge

Donald Bell, Philippe Kruchten, Gary Evans? Ring a bell? If not, they are all influential IT minds. And they all write articles that are published in The Rational Edge.

I have to say that The Rational Edge e-zine is probably the best newsletter that I subscribe to. The quality of the articles is great. Even though it mostly concentrates on the Rational Unified Process, it touches several others, like UML, book reviews, and other valuable information for a software engineer. (I do think however, that the Rational Unified Process (RUP) is the best software-engineering process.)

The archive section on the site is substantial, too. It offers articles that were written in the previous versions of The Rational Edge. I check back here often.

All in all, IBM is doing a good job in enticing software engineers. I highly recommend subscribing to the e-zine and looking through the archive, and/or searching for an article (using the search tool).

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