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My Goals for Next Couple Years

Ever since I read Goals by Brian Tracy, I’ve been writing my 10-15 goals every night as the last thing before I go to sleep. I am going to share the goals that pertain to becoming a software craftsman so you get a sense of where I am going.

First, I’d like to know J2EE by heart by the end of 2005. That means different J2EE technologies, as well as J2EE application servers (we use WebSphere now at work). I’m keeping my eye on EJB 3.0 and J2EE 5.0 as I think they will be important. (J2EE 5.0 will contain JavaServer Faces and EJB 3.0, among other things, of course.) How? Mostly by practicing. And also by reading.

Second, I’d like to have all of the important design patterns grasped by the end of 2005. How am I going to achieve that? Mostly by reading books. I’ve read Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices (which I recommend), J2EE Core Patterns (also a great book). I’m reading (or referencing) the famous GoF book — Design Patterns. I recently purchased Refactoring to Patterns. What else? I’m reading different articles. Also, when I’m coding, I’m thinking about different patterns. I think I’m on track here.

Third, I’d like to be a well-rounded software engineer by the end of 2005. I’m thinking about becoming certified by IEEE — Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP). I’m planning to read books on requirements, design, testing, and architecture. I might pick a book on RUP.

Fourth, I’d like to become a good software architect by the end of 2006. I plan on reading couple architecture books. I might attend a conference or two. I’m not yet too sure what I need to do, and this goal might take me well beyond 2006, but I know I’d like to become an effective software architect.

What else? I’d like to become more visible in the software field in the next couple of years. That means writing magazine articles, maybe teaching a class. Or simply put, getting more involved in the field.

Am I too aggressive? Maybe, but that does not mean I cannot re-adjust the dates. As I keep writing the goals, they also might change, but that’s where I stand now. One thing is for sure, I’m totally commited to becoming better every year. I am committed to achieve my goals. I work towards them every day.

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