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Shortage of IT Workers?

Not now, of course. But in a couple of years, will there be a shortage of IT professionals? It’s hard to say. It definetely doesn’t look (and feel) like that right now. There are still a lot of IT guys unemployed. And even though there’s been a pickup in jobs recently, it is still fairly hard to find a good job. But things are changing…

Things are changing because there’s been a significant drop in number of students enrolling in the Computer Science major. That’s actually a big concern, especially for companies as IBM and Microsoft.

What’s the problem? The problem is, they say (see articles, below) is that there will not be enough students to fill the positions. Companies are either going to have to look overseas to bring people, or to offshore projects.

This is my take on the situation: if the situation improves — it is easy to find a good job — students will come. And we’ll be happy as well. :-)

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