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Soft-Eng World in June 2005

I’ve been saving a lot of links in my Bloglines account. It’s time to share some of the best reads of the last couple of weeks. Enjoy.


This is an article from the Pragmatic Programmers that is dear to me. It is about learning. A great article.[Hunt and Thomas] Designing Learning

(There is also a very good article by the authors, Cook Until Done, which explains why software development isn’t as easy as it seems.)


Sun changed its naming conventions with the upcoming releases of Java.[Hamilton] Goodbye “J2SE”, Hello “Java SE”


Spring is in full swing lately. Development swing, that is. Spring framework is gaining popularity. Why? Because it is flexible, because it lets you do J2EE-type services without the J2EE weight.[Tate] Five Things I Love About Spring


There is a lot of ambiguity when you hear about Service Oriented Architectures. Some people mean Web Services, some people mean component-based architecture, etc. There is not a uniform definition of SOA. Martin Fowler agrees. He also shares his views on SOA.[Fowler] Service Oriented Ambiguity

Managing Time

Johanna Rothman writes up a very good article on managing your time. If you’re used to creating to-do lists, get used to not-to-do lists, she argues. Very good article.[Rothman] What痴 on Your Not-to-do List?

Also, if you are involved in creating schedules, the Schedule Games series by Rothman is just great. Jeff Atwood created a list of the author’s posts on the subject.[Rothman] Schedule Games


Eclipse 3.1 is out. Download it here.

JDeveloper is now FREE! I think that’s big news. I hear that it is going to put pressure on other App Servers providers (IBM, BEA), to release their versions for free. That would be great. I downloaded JDeveloper – it looks sleek, and feels quick. I have not tried anything on it yet, but it looks good so far.

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