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Paul Graham's Essays

Software writers I love. There are only a couple of them. Paul Graham is in this group. (Steve McConnell, Martin Fowler, Robert Martin are the rest (out of top of my head)). His essays are always top quality. They are filled with some great, practical information. They are based on his personal experiences. They are really valuable to read.

One of the recent articles from Paul Graham, How To Start A Startup (see my post on it), was great. It’s filled with practical info. It’s well written. It’s complicated info explained in simple terms.

Another one I really like is Beating the Averages. (This one I plan to re-read every year.) If you want to be a successful company, a successful developer, beat the average guys. There is a lot of good information in this article.

I have not read all of Paul’s essays yet, but I’m sure they’re top quality. Paul publishes an essay a month, roughly.

I read Paul’s essays because they’re filled with useful, practical information. I read his essays because I like to read the best. I read Paul’s essays because I can see best writing in action (good way to improve — he even has an article on how to improve your writing :-) , Writing, Briefly). Not enough?

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