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Spring In Action

Spring In Action
by Craig Walls, Ryan Breidenbach
ISBN 1932394354
Date Read 8/2005

My Rating

Spring in Action is a well written overview book on the Spring Framework. It could have been better, though. Key words: well written overview.

It is an overview. This book covers the different areas of the Spring Framework. The authors do an excellent job there. However, they don’t go into too much detail about any particular topic. They show you a simple example of each part, talk how you can use it, etc. Not too much details.

It is well written. Spring in Action is one of these books that you enjoy reading. It is a technical book but almost reads as a general book. Very good style. Authors did a good job in that regard.

This book tells you a great deal about best practices. It does a good job in that regard as well. However, this book does not cover testing, which is considered a big thing in developement, and Spring makes that easy (supposedly; I’d like to see that in action). How come I can’t find that in the book? Examples are short and in snippets. I like to see full examples, though, as it is easier to see the context.

Overall, a good book on Spring. A great intro to Spring. If you’re new to Spring, this is the book to start with. If you need a reference, this book is not optimal. You might want to look into Pro Spring, which is a much more detailed book.

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