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Hibernate Quickly

Hibernate Quickly
by Patrick Peak, Nick Heudecker
ISBN 1932394419
Date Read 10/2005

My Rating

A quick book to read. A book written quickly. Good intro and overall a good book, but I expected something better.

The book left a “I need more info” feeling. I know this is supposed to be a “quick” book and not totally comprehensive, but still, any book has to do that. There is just not enough details to understand Hibernate totally. There is enough to get you started, but not enough to get a comprehensive understanding.

Throughout the book, I was thinking “I”m not sure if I believe that” or “that’s not correct.” For instance, in the chapter on testing, the author explains the different test strategies. First of all, none of the strategies explained were really unit tests, and the author does not mention that. Second of all, the author does not explain how you can test using mock objects. That’s just an example, but there were more points like that in the book.

You can read the book quickly (which is good), gain some knowledge, and move on to a more detailed reference book. A decent book.

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