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Raganwald: What I've learned from failure

What are the key elements that ensure the success of your project? What are the keys that will tell you not to continue with the project? I don’t know to tell you the truth. :-( But the four things that are outlined below, and explained by Reganwald blog, I are crucial, in my opinion. This is a very good, must-read and re-read (notice new category :-) ), article.

Excerpts from the entry:

the four things which matter most are:

1. The quality of the people doing the development2. The expected value of the product to its stakeholders3. The fitness of the proposed solution4. The quality of project management and expectations communication

In my experience, you need all four working to have a successful project. I’ve personally failed when even one of those four things was bad and not corrected immediately. If two, three, or all four were wrong, my discovery is that I’ve been unable to avert disaster. (This list obviously doesn’t cover all of the factors needed for business success: I’m just talking about getting the software to ship).

I’ve read the whole article and it is one of the best I’ve read on the subject! I concur that these things are crucial.

Reference What I’ve learned from failure, Raganwald blog

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