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Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming

I believe that good programmers are egoless and humble. There is no room in software development for attitude. Of course, you can be that way, and a lot of people are, but what they fail to recognize is that the path takes them downwards. That path will not make you better, that’s for sure. So be humble, admit mistakes, learn from others, and you’ll do well.

Lamont Adams has a list of 10 Commandments of Egoless Programming. It’s good stuff, read it.

Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming – (Lamont Adams, | Sunday, July 14 2002)

1. Understand and accept that you will make mistakes.2. You are not your code.3. No matter how much “karate” you know, someone else will always know more.4. Don’t rewrite code without consultation.5. Treat people who know less than you with respect, deference, and patience.6. The only constant in the world is change. Be open to it and accept it with a smile.7. The only true authority stems from knowledge, not from position.8. Fight for what you believe, but gracefully accept defeat.9. Don’t be “the guy in the room.”10. Critique code instead of peopleċ‚­e kind to the coder, not to the code.

For a more detailed version, go to the article, below.

ReferenceTen Commandments of Egoless Programming, Lamont Adams

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