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Becoming a Technical Leader by Weinberg

Becoming a Technical Leader
by Gerald M. Weinberg
ISBN 0932633021
Date Read 1/2006

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Even though I’m not the prime target of this book, I really liked it. Weinberg explains the different leadership styles with good detail, and with a pragmatic style. I learned a lot of what a good leader should be. This book made me better, as well. I started writing a 5-minute a day journal. I’m enjoying doing it. It helps me to learn of who I am, and what I want to become.

But who is the prime target of this book? I would say that if you have been managing a group of people, this is a must read for you. I am not a manager, but I would like to become one eventually, and this was a good book for me (not required, though). You would benefit the most from this book if you have had some experience leading. I plan to re-read it down the road.

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