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JUnit in Action

JUnit in Action
by Ted Husted, Vincent Massol
ISBN 1930110995
Date Read 2/2006

My Rating

This is a very good JUnit book, and a good programming book. There were a lot of things I liked, and some things I did not.

What I liked. This is the best JUnit book out there. It contains a lot of good advice. The author explains a lot of the best practices that every developer should be following. That’s good stuff. It is a very well written, easy to read. The examples in the book are very good as well.

What I think is missing. This is a comprehensive JUnit book. And it covers most of the topics that will be of interst to a tester. However, it does not cover HttpUnit (not that I would use it, but still). Plus, its coverage of Mock objects could be improved. This is a very important topic that should have its own chapter and be clearly explained. The book contains pieces of it, but not enough for me.

If you’re looking for a JUnit book, this is the book for you. (I want to get JUnit Recepies, but the book just looks and feels too big.)

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