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I have around 6 years of development experience. I have worked for several companies now. I can tell you one thing: a lot of developers don’t know how to write object oriented code. They write Java and they assume they write objects. But those are not objects; they’re more like data structures. Objects are not data structures, objects have to have a clear responsibility, a clear purpose. Object should do one thing and do it well.

Anyway, I am going to put my thoughts on object oriented systems here in this category. My thoughts, learning experiences, etc. Hey, I learn as I gain experience. I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be. But there are some principles that I have already learned that work for me. One thing I’m sure: writing objects is hard, very hard. It takes real effort and dedication. It takes years of experience to do it well. But modifying a nicely structured object-oriented system is a joy. It’s fun. I like to program, but it has to be fun. “Hacking” might be fun, but it is fun in only one direction: it’s not fun when you have to modify it and undo your “hack.” :-)

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