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Excellent CareerNews Newsletter

I have been enjoying the CareerNews letter for some time. It is a newsletter (available to all) produced by the ACM organization. It focuses on, guess, IT career-related news. It does a nice job agreggating them from different sources. It also does a nice job providing concise comments. A lot of times I only read their comments, as the article itself is not as clear. They really do a great job.

The latest issue of the CareerNews newsletter is packed with excellent articles.

The article I like the most is “Young and Hungry“, which explains how you, as a young professional (and not only), should work towards going up in the corporate ladder.

Another article that I liked is “Enterprises Focus on Retaining Tech Talent” (the title says it all).

I recommend that you check out the newsletter and subscribe to it. It’s bi-weekly and every issue contains at least one good article. It is a good way to see what’s going on in the IT profession.

ReferenceCareerNews Newsletter, available for everyone

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