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I’m reading the Code Craft blog (I discovered it a few days ago) andI’m really enjoying the entries there. I recommend you check it out.

Here are few entries which are worth a read. The author writes from India, where he currently works. His summary of the Indian software market is the best you will find — he just tells it how it is. Excellent writing.

Indian bubble    – unless you are willing to pay wagesthat start to sound a lot like like US wages, attracting top people is nearly impossible

Knowing, doing and learning

Let the hard stay hard

Finding coders on the subcontinent    – The practical reality is that anyonein India who can spell Java already has a job.    – experienced candidates… less thanone in five could write a loop that counted from one to ten in AN Y programming language    – you have to interview too many badcandidates to find the really good ones

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