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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications
by Grady Booch and others
ISBN 020189551X
Date Read 9/2007

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I am part of a book review team at Javalobby. I get a chance to get a free book, write a review, and get published. Not a bad deal. :-) I am not the biggest fan of the long review template that we use, but I have to follow what the team leader decided. :-(

This is a second book I reviewed for Javalobby. You can read the review at here. Enjoy it.

One Minute ReviewPositives* Great use of abstraction* Excellent (concise) UML 2.0 tutorial* Filled with lots of useful ideas

Negatives* Reads dry at times* Too academic, too much theory

SummaryThe information contained in this book is excellent. It has everything that you will if you want to adapt the Unified Process, learn UML 2.0, and do object oriented analysis and design. However, it is a very theoretical book, which makes it hard to read – hard to stay focused at times. Nonetheless, it is a very important book.

ResourcesApplying UML and Patterns – in my opinion, the best book on OOAD

UML Distilled – the most popular UML book

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