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Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0

Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (5th Edition)
by Bill Burke, Richard Monson-Haefel
ISBN 059600978X
Date Read 11/2007

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One Minute ReviewPositives* Excellent coverage of EJB technologies* Thorough coverage of Java Persistence* Focuses on doing best-practice development* Full of examples

Negatives* Explanation on how to create an external client not clear

SummaryThis is an excellent book on a simplified (still overcomplicated) EJB 3.0 technology. I had high hopes for this book and for the technology in general. I am still skeptical. I think this book shows the state of EJB well: greatly simplified in version 3.0, but still a complex beast. I liked this book’s thorough treatment of the subject (although at times I thought it would never end); I liked the authors’ numerous recommendations and explanations of the best practices. I think this is a very good book, but in my opinion the technology and this book could use even a more drastic reduction in complexity. For instance, I still had a hard time creating an external client application.

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