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Core JavaServer Faces

Core JavaServer Faces (2nd ed)
by David Geary, Cay S. Horstmann
ISBN 0131738860
Date Read 1/2008

My Rating

One Minute ReviewPositives* Lot of examples — with complete source code* Excellent writing style* Focus on helping the reader

Negatives* Some chapters deviate from others: only snippets of code and no complete examples

SummaryIf you want to learn JavaServer Faces (JSF), this is the book to learn it from! What is the best technique to learn a new technology? By examples, in my opinion. This book takes that approach to the extreme, by giving you full source for the discussed examples! This really helps to see the big picture. I really liked that style.

This book comes from the creators of JSF, so the material in the book is well researched. And it shows. You’ll learn many tips that the authors have learned from writing the first edition of the book and by revising the JSF itself.

This is really an excellent book, and a true reference for JSF. When reading this book, I got a sense that the authors really care about the reader: they do the hard work so that the reader will have an easier time implementing/understanding JSF. This is really what sets this book apart from many others.

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